1.Where do we buy dance shoes for our child and what style and color is required?

Shoes can be purchased online (See ordering information below) and need to be Caramel Mary Jane Tap Shoes/Caramel E-Series Jazz Shoes/Pink Ballet shoes.  The bedroom slipper type Ballet shoes are not acceptable because of the lack of support and danger of slipping in this “dress up” style shoe.  Older students who take one hour or more of advanced classes at the studio have different shoe requirements.  Please email Shannon so that she can size your child to ensure ordering accuracy.

2.  La’ Petite Dance Shoe Requirements

Mary Jane - Velcro strap for younger dancers. Buckle strap for older dancers. (Caramel)

Daisy - slipper for wide feet. (Ballet Pink)
LOVE - slipper for younger girls with narrow feet (Ballet Pink)
Cobra - slipper for older girls with narrow feet (Ballet Pink)

E-Series - (Caramel) 

Shoes can be purchased from the following on-line site.  Please follow these 4 easy steps and your dance products will be delivered directly to your door.

1. Go to:  curtaincallforclass.com

2. Enter studio name: La Petite Dance

3. Enter passphrase: LOVE2DANCE

 4. Select a Class: Preschool or Studio 

If you have any questions, please email - lapetitedance@aol.com - or call 910-232-6794.

3. Where do we make payments and when?

Payments are due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 10th.  All parents of preschool dancers are encouraged to leave dance payments at their child’s preschool with the director or in a payment box that is located near the office of each school.  Studio dancers are required to bring in their dance payment to the first class of the month.  Please don’t waste a stamp by mailing your payment and please pay by the 10th of each month in order to avoid a $5.00 late fee.

4. If my child is absent or traveling do I still pay for the whole month?

Yes…No months are prorated for sickness or travel.  Tuition payments are based on four lessons per month.  There are 9 equal payments in the dance year. (Sept-May)  Some months have only three lessons because of the Holidays but some have five.  Payment in full is expected every month and you will not be charged extra for those months that have extra classes.

5.  Where is the Spring Performance, how long does it last and are tickets required?

The Spring Performance is held at Kenan Auditorium on the campus of UNC-Wilmington.  Instead of having one very long performance we have two very enjoyable performances that usually last approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes including a 15-minute intermission.  All children are required to perform in only one show unless your child is in one of the more Advanced classes.  Tickets are required in order to keep a head count for the Auditorium administration.  8 Tickets are given to each dancer which is covered by the Costume/Recital fee each parent pays in the early part of the dance season.

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